Japanese remote workers in Tokyo remain 40% with more hybrid-typed works combing with coming into office

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism reported that the ratio of employed remote workers in Japan decreased from 26.1% in FY2022 to 24.8% in FY2023. In Tokyo Metropolitan area, the ratio remained about 40%, even though it was down 1.9 points. 

One of the features was that the ratio of hybrid workers combing remote works for one to four days a week with coming into office has recently increased. 


About 40% said that they have improved quality of life since they began working remotely. Some people said that a good thing is to reduce a burden on commuting, and other people said that a bad thing is a lack of physical exercise.

The survey also shows that remote works allow workers to increase shopping opportunities online or in their neighborhoods and to reduce every activity opportunity, such as shopping, dining, hobby or exercise, near the office.

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