Spending in Japan by international travelers was down 2.9% in the 3Q of 2016

Japan Tourism Agency reported that spending in Japan by international travelers reduced by 2.9% year on year to 971.7 billion JPY in the third quarter of 2016 (July to September 2016). The quarterly reduction was found for the first time in the last four years and nine months since the fourth quarter of 2011. Expenditure per capita was also down 17.1% to 155,133 JPY.

The table below shows changes of travel spending and the number of international travelers by quarter:


Expenditure per capita reduced by 18.9% to 227,821 JPY a Chinese, by 11.8% to 67,937 JPY a Korean, by 15.6% to 119,921 JPY a Taiwanese and by 23.6% to 147,127 JPY a Hong Kong traveler. Reductions of 30% percent or more were found in Malaysia, Vietnam and France. The highest expenditure per capita was found in China, followed by Russia (222,000 JPY) and Italy (215,000 JPY).

Travel spending by Chinese travelers totaled 439.8 billion JPY with a share of 45.3%, followed by 129.2 billion JPY (a share of 13.3%) by Taiwanese travelers, 90.8 billion JPY (a share of 9.3%) by Korean travelers, 69.9 billion JPY (a share of 7.2%) by Hong Kong travelers and 53.2 billion JPY (a share of 5.5%) by American travelers.

The table below shows travel spending by market:


The largest share among spending categories was found in shopping (34.5%), followed by accommodation (28.7%) and dining (21.1%). In comparison with a year ago, the share of shopping reduced, while the shares of accommodation, dining and transportation increased.

The table below shows spending per capita by market and by category:

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