60% of Japanese people agree to dual-pricing for inbound travelers, while 50% of 60s disagree

The recent survey on duel-pricing for inbound travelers to Japan, conducted by ‘Ponta,’ a loyalty point service provider, finds that 42.2% of Japanese people recognized what dual-pricing is, including 24.4% of those who have heard it before.  

Supposing dual-pricing system is introduced in the tourism industry, 29.4% agreed to it, and 28.9% fairly agreed to it. By age, 51% of 60s disagreed to it, which is higher than other age segments. 


Regarding whether or not dual-pricing encourages you to travel in Japan, 39.2% answered ‘YES,’ and about half of 10s and 20s answered ‘YES.’ 52.5% of 10s said that they would have more opportunities or options in their domestic travels.  


The survey results also show that 55.6% said that dual-pricing would influence visitation to Japan by international travelers. Respondents picks ‘multi-language service,’ ‘tourism guidance,’ ‘financial support to part of public transportation fees,’ ‘point reward’ or ‘memorial gifts for traveling  in Japan’ as alternative services or privileges to dual-pricing for inbound travelers. 

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