70% of Japanese Gen.Z choose long-haul domestic travel as their next travel after COVID-19 pandemic ends

An awareness survey on travel or how to play to 15 to 24 years old, conducted SHIBUYA109.lab, a marketing research institute, finds that about 80% have felt changes of friendship, while 21.4% have felt nothing changes. 

The survey results also shows tendencies to spend time with close friends or a small group and also at home, in hometown or in open air environment to avoid busy urban areas.

Domestic travel frequency reduced from 2.17 times a year before the pandemic to 0.96 times a year amid the pandemic. Travel intension after the pandemic is 2.80 times a year.

Interestingly, a certain number of respondents said that they posted photos with a sub-account, not with a main account, on SNS when they traveled amid the pandemic. The answer seems to represent they worried about anyone else. 



What they did instead of traveling amid the pandemic were ‘driving (26.5%),’ ‘saving money for future travel (21.3%)’ and ‘watching travel videos (19.5%).’

69.5% answered the next travel after the pandemic ends would be ‘long-haul domestic travel’, followed by ‘short-haul domestic travel (62.8%)’ and ‘traveling to Europe (34.3%).’

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