Airbnb hosts in Japan earn 745 million JPY with 67,000 guests in total in local areas without hotels

Airbnb revealed that more than 67,000 guests stayed in its listings in local areas without hotels in Japan, by which Japanese hosts earned more than 745 million JPY ($5.2 million) in total so far.

Since March 2020, the first bookings have been seen in 74 cities or villages in Japan, and among them, Minami Alps in Yamanashi Prefecture, Manno Town in Kagawa Prefecture, Nagatoro Town in Saitama Prefecture, Hidaka Town in Kochi Prefecture and Shimizu Town in Hokkaido are more preferred. 

Globally, more than 13,000 cities have seen the fist bookings, and the number of areas guests stayed increased by 25% in 2020 compared to five years ago. 

Airbnb said that the Airbnb service contributes to accelerate decentralization of travel demands. 

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