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ANA Sales Topped Travel Industry and Singapore Airline Topped International Airlines for Customer Satisfaction Ranking 2014- Survey by SPRING

November 26, 2014 Categroy: News , Travel Sectors


Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth (SPRING) released the result of the 3rd Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index: JCSI) for 2014. The target of this survey were 71 corporations from 8 industry sectors- clothing retails, specialty retails, travels, entertainment, international airlines, domestic airlines, domestic long distance transportations and daily living related services. (Targeted corporations and indexes shown in blow chart/ chart on the right from the information material provided by SPRING.)

Among the 13 corporations from the travel industry, ANA Sales (ANA SKY WEB TOUR) which was newly included as a target of the survey achieved number 1 in “customer satisfaction.” It also topped in “perceived quality”,” perceived value” and “loyalty.” Ikyu.Com, which was the leading choice for 3 consecutive years until last year, ranked in 2nd by a slim margin. It ranked in 1st for “recommendation” and also ranked in 2nd in all other aspects except “customer expectation.” JALPAK, ranked the 3rd, was the 1st in “customer expectation” and ranked in 2nd in “perceived quality” and “recommendation” by the same rate as

Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth (SPRING)

Singapore Airlines topped the list of the international airlines in “customer satisfaction” for 6 years in a row. It ranked 1st in ”perceived value” and also ranked 2nd in “customer expectation”, “perceived quality” and “recommendation.” The 2nd in “customer satisfaction” was JAL (Japan Airlines/JL) which was also 1st in “recommendation” and “loyalty”; The 3rd in “customer satisfaction” was ANA which was also 1st in “customer expectation” and “perceived quality.”

Among the domestic long distance transportations, Star Flyer Japan (7G) was ranked 1st in “customer satisfaction” for 5 consecutive years. Different corporations topped each indexes, however Star Flyer Japan was chosen as the 2nd choice for “perceived value” and “recommendation.” Following are the top of other indexes: “customer expectation” – ANA, “perceived quality”- Central Japan Railway Company, “recommendation”- Kyushu Railway Company, “loyalty”- East Japan Railway Company and ”perceived value”- Jetstar Japan (GK.) LCCs and emerging airlines were recognized for “perceived value” for Peach Aviation (MM) ranked in 3rd, AIRDO (HD) ranked in 5th and Solaseed Air (6J) ranked in 6th. In addition, Jetstar Japan ranked in 4th for “customer satisfaction” as well.

For the entertainment industry, Shiki Theatre Company came back to be the 1st for “customer satisfaction” and Tokyo Disney Resort, which was the number 1 last year, dropped to number 2.

[Targets for travel survey: 13 companies/brands], ANA Sales (ANA SKY WEB TOUR), HIS, Club Tourism, Kinki Nihon Tourist, JTB, Jalan net, JALPAK (JAL e Travel Plaza), Nippon Travel Agency (Tabi Plaza/Akai Husen), Hankyu Travel (Trapics), Rakuten Travel, Rurubu Travel, Yomiuri Travel

 [Targets for international airline survey: 8 companies/brands]

Asiana Airlines, ANA, JAL, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, Korean Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines  

 [Targets for domestic long distance transportations: 12companies/brands]

Domestic airlines: AIRDO, ANA, JAL, Jetstar Japan, Skymark Aierlines, Star Flyer Japan, Solaseed Air, Peach Aviation

Shinkansen bullet train: Kyushu Railway Company, Central Japan Railway Company, West Japan Railway Company, East Japan Railway Company

 [Targets for entertainment: 6 companies/brands]

Shiki Theatre Company, Takarazuka Revue, Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Dome City, Nagashima Resort, Universal Studios Japan