Climbers’ traffic data of Mt. Fuji is acquired to grasp climbing speed or holding time for a new regulation this summer

AUTHENTIC JAPAN, operating a search & rescue service ‘Kokoheri,’ will begin providing location data of climbers to Mt.Fuji for safe climbing in accordance with a new climbing regulation on the Yoshida Route in Yamanashi Prefecture on July 1 2024.

Yamanashi Prefecture will begin Mt. Fuji Yoshida trail gate entrance reservation system on July 1, and the climbing regulation will be enforced in the hours from 4:00 p.m., the gate closing, and 3:00 a.m. or in the case that the number of climbers exceeds 4,000 a day. 

The data acquisition trial will be carried out, supposing that the regulation may bring out change of climbers’ traffic or movements. A terminal device will be provided to a climber for free to acquire location data of climbers in the area from the entrance to the summit through GPS on Kokoheri to grasp climbing speed or holding time by day or hour. 

The trial will be performed by September 10 2024. The collected date will be shared with Yamanashi Prefecture to solve possible issues generated by the regulation.

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