Club Tourism of Japan launches ‘solo travel’ tours for 30s to 50s females, forming a project team by the same generation

Club Tourism, a Japanese travel company especially for elder people, targets 30s to 50s females as well as senior people, a core target, for ’solo travel’ tours. Forming a project team by the same generation female employees, Club Tourism is enriching tours for them and will broadcast popular tours on a TV program ‘Half Time Tours ‘ by TV Tokyo. 

Beginning selling ‘solo travel’ tours in 1997, Club Tourism marketed more than 1,300 solo travel tours in 2023, 33% more than the previous year, and earned record-high sales. The tours were joined by more 30s to 50s females in addition to 60s to 70s females.

60s to 70s females tend to look for an opportunity to make friends in the tours, while 30s to 50s females want to ensure times for themselves or to join in the weekend, according to Club Tourism. 

For 30s to 50s females’ preferences, the new tours arrange one table for one person at a French restaurant, for instance. 


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