Domestic travel sales of 43 major travel companies in Japan recovered to the pre-pandemic level in November 2022

Japan Tourism Agency announced that sales of 43 major travel companies increased by 76.9% year on year to 309.4  billion JPY in total in November 2022, which were still 30.3% down compared to November 2019.  

Domestic travel sales were up 56% year on year to 256.5 billion JPY, which were up 0.9% even compared to pre-pandemic November 2019. Overseas travel sales remained a 72.7% decrease to 43.4 billion JPY compared to three years ago. Inbound travel sales were also down 65.2% to 8.4 billion JPY. 


Sales in domestic package tours almost doubled year on year to 76.7 billion JPY (down 10.1% over 2019) with 2,375,506 customers (down 15% over 2019). Sales in overseas package tours remained a 95.1% decrease to 1.4 billion JPY with 3,610 customers, which might result from not only the pandemic influence but also shift of the travel style from group tour to FIT. 


Compared to November 2019, JTB Group companies decreased sales by 12.4% to 128.9 billion JPY in total. HIS continued reducing sales by 62.4% to 13.3 billion JPY because it largely relies on the overseas travel business. KNT-CT Holdings reduced sales by 34.9% to 30.7 billion JPY, and NTA by 30.7% to 30.4 billion JPY. 

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