Economic impact on Tokyo by tourism is estimated at 12 trillion JPY in 2014

Tokyo Metropolitan government recently announced that production ripple effect generated by tourists to Tokyo increased by 6.0% year on year to 12,012.7 billion JPY in 2014, estimating 515 million visitors (+0.5%) and tourism consumption of 5, 550.9 billion JPY in total (+5.8%). The government also reported tourism brought about income effect of 4,440 billion JPY (+6.2%), employment effect of 563,085 (+6.7%) and tax revenue effect of 401.1 billion JPY (+9.7%).

Economic impacts by foreign visitors remarkably grew, as all of the indexes increased by 30% or more than a year earlier. Production ripple effect generated by foreign visitors accounted for about 14% of the total, and tax revenue effect was estimated to increase by 40% to 56.8 billion JPY.

The total of visitors to Tokyo consisted of 506,248,000 residents in Japan (+0.1%) and 8,874,000 residents in foreign countries (+30.3%). The total of tourism consumption was divided into 4,765.5 billion JPY by residents in Japan (+2.1%) and 785.4 billion JPY by residents in foreign countries (+35.1%).

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