Foreigners staying in private lodging in Japan account for more than 80% of the total, according to Japan Tourism Agency survey

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) announced the first private lodging results in the period between June 15, when the Private Lodging Business Act was enforced, and July 31 2018. The Act regulates private lodging hosts to report their business days to JTA every two months.

The number of registered private lodgings was 5,510 as of July 31, out of which 5,077 private lodgings reported their results, including those with no business day.

The total of business days nationwide reached 68,711 days, and the average days a private lodging were 13.5 days. By prefecture, the top was Tokyo with 27,851 days, followed by Hokkaido with 17,552 days and Osaka with 4,414 days. In terms of the average days a private lodging, the top was Hokkaido with 17.2 days, followed by Aichi with 16.4 days and Tokyo with 15.4 days. 

The number of guests totaled 83,238 nationwide, and the average a private lodging was 16.4. by prefecture, the top was Hokkaido with 27,042 guests, followed by Tokyo with 25,669 guests and Aichi with 4,456 guests. In terms of the average guests a private lodging, the top was Hokkaido with 26.5, followed by Aichi with 23.6 and Kumamoto with 20.4.  

The total of guests consisted of 13,840 Japanese users (a share of 16.6%) and 69,394 foreigner users (a share of 83.4%). Top five nations of foreigner users were China, South Korea, U.S.A., Taiwan and Hong Kong, which accounted for 68% of the total foreigner users. By region, the ratios were 58% for East Asia, 15% for Southeast Asia and 12% for North America. 

Regarding lodging nights a guest, the longest nights were 3.6 in Tokyo, followed by 3.0 in Saitama and Kyoto. 

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