International visitors to Japan exceeded 50,000 in total in July 2021, a Tokyo Olympics month

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) announced that the number of international visitors to Japan was 51,100 in July 2021, a Tokyo Olympics month, increasing by five times from 9,300 in June. The monthly result was still down 98.3% compared to two years ago (2.99 million visitors).

Market-by-market visitors were affected by the Olympics: 6,100 from U.S., 3,900 from China, 3,400 from U.K., 2,500 from France and 2,200 from Germany.

International flights arriving in six major airpots in Japan were up 6.6% year on year to 2,938, and available seats totaled 716,864 (+15.6% year on year) in July 2021, according to OAG. 

The graph below shows monthly results of international visitors to Japan:




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