International visitors to Japan up 19% in September 2017, already exceeding 20 millions

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) reported that the number of international visitors in Japan was up 18.9% year on year, reaching 2,280,000 in September 2017 (record-high for September: 1,918,000 in September 2016).

The total for the first eight months of 2017 was up 17.9% year on year: 21,196,400 i.e. 3.2 million more visitors than a year earlier. This is the fastest achievement of 20 million visitors ever in Japan.

The graphs below show the change in the number of international visitors in Japan for the past year:


The top market was China with 5,217,700 visitors (+21.1%), already exceeding the total of 5.09 millions last year. JNTO analyzed that the East Asia market was particularly boosted by an increase in visitors on cruise ships and by the extension of the air network although national holidays shifted from September last year to October this year.

Visitor arrivals by market in September 2017 are as follows:


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