JAL reorganizes its business structure into four divisions including the Mileage and Lifestyle Business Division

JAL will reorganize its business structures into four divisions on April 1 2021 in order to promote digital transformation and to build a sustainable growth base for post-COVID-19, making clear business responsibilities in each of the division by reorganizing the current route marketing division and introducing a new business model focusing on finance, retail and merchandising.

The current Managing Division for Route Marketing and Passenger Sales will be reorganized into four key roles:  Route Marketing, Passengers Sales and Marketing, Customer Experience and Mileage and Lifestyle Business divisions.

Route Marketing will be responsible for a strategy for its full service carrier/LCC business model. Passenger Sales and Marketing will focus on revenue management, distribution, and sales.

Customer Experience will develop and promote a strategy to improve the JAL brand. Mileage and Lifestyle Business, as a new growth business field, will deal with a new business model focusing on the profitability within the finance, retail and merchandising industry.

At the same time, the current Innovation Division will change a new division of Digital Innovation Division to to create customer value and engagement through digitalization.

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