Record-low percentage of Japanese kids preferring family trips overseas: 30.5; 13.7 points lower than 20 years ago

Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living's decade-by-decade trend survey focusing on Japanese kids from the 4th grade of elementary school to the 2nd grade of junior high school shows that the ratio of kids preferring family trips in Japan hits a record-high 60%, 18.7 points higher than 20 years ago, while the ratio of those preferring overseas destinations hits a record-low 30.5%, 13.7 points lower than 20 years ago. 


Asked whether they should think first about Japan or the world, 54% of the children answered Japan, much more than the 45.9% for the world; a first time reversal. 

Asked what they want most, the children mainly answered their 'own smart phone' (44.9%) then their 'own television' (28.9%) and their 'own PC' (26.3%). Asked whether stories on Internet are true, only 29% of the children said yes, well below the 40% of the last survey 10 years ago; asked the same about TV, a record-high 71.3% of the children said yes.


Regarding communication on SNS, 37.9% of the kids answered it is fun to use SNS. However, 62.5% answered it is scary to meet "SNS friends" and 53.4% said they are careful when using SNS. 

The survey was conducted between 15 February and 21 March 2017 with the participation of 800 kids living in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.

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