Narita operates record-high domestic and international flights by 93 airlines in the 2016-2017 winter schedule

Narita International Airport operates record-high 4,610 aircraft movements a week in the 2016-2017 winter schedule (October 30 2016 to March 24 2017), 244 a week more than a year earlier. Out of the total, aircraft movements for international flights reach record-high 3,625 a week, 176 a week more than a year earlier, and those for domestic flights record-high 985 a week, 68 a week more than a year earlier. Narita has the most extensive international network for 107 cities in 37 countries and three regions.

On the international network, Narita lost five international cities including Minneapolise by Delta Air Lines and seasonal service for Toshkent by Uzbekistan Airways, while added five international cities including Madrid by Iberia and Phnom Penh by ANA. During the 2016 summer schedule, Aurora Airlines started two flights a week for Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on May 22, and ANA daily flights for Wuhan on April 28 and daily flights for Phnom Penh on September 1. During the winter period, ANA will begin serving daily flights for Mexico City in February 2017.

On the domestic network, Spring Japan has started Sapporo flights since August 20 and Kansai flights since September 28.

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