NAVITIME JAPAN data show that inbound travelers’ visits in Minami Ashigara, Kanagawa skyrocketed by 32 times in the spring 2024 due to early bloomer cherry

NAVITIME JAPAN, a Japanese navigation app provider, announced regions with more inbound travelers’ visits in the spring 2024, based on data from ‘Japan Travel by NAVITIME.’ The largest growth was seen in Minami Ashigara City in Kanagawa Prefecture with the increase rate of 32 times year on year, followed by Katsuyama City in Fukui Prefecture with 24 times. 

The data about Minami Ashigara shows that visits in ‘Ichinoseki Harane,’ a famous destination for early bloomer cherry in March increased. 

In Katsuyama, more inbound visitors were seen in Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum renewed in July 2023 and Daishizan Seidaiji Temple with one of the greatest Buddha in Japan.  

In Suzuka in Mie Prefecture, the third largest growth city, visitors increased because F1 Japan Grand Prix was held at Suzuka Circuit, and during the Grand Prix term, more stays in Nagoya, the closest large city to Suzuka, were seen


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