Private Accommodation registrations in Japan reach 18,000 as of August 2019, nine times more than a year earlier

Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) reported that private accommodation registrations in Japan reached 18,111 as of August 15 2019, about nine times more registrations than 2,210 a year earlier, two month after Private Accommodation Law was enforced. 

While 1,000 or more private accommodations were registered in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa, most of other prefectures had 100 or fewer registrations.


Another report finds that the number of nights in private accommodations was 301,011 in total for two months from April 1 to May 31 2019, 23,7% more nights than the previous two months report by the end of March. The average nights a registered private accommodation was 21.3. The number of guests was up 18.7% to 335,163 compared to the previous report. The total of guest nights was up 24.8% to 933,194.


The total of guests consists of 90,089 Japanese residents (+21.3%) and 245,074 foreign visitors (+17.8%), which accounted for 73.1% of the total. By international market, the top was China with a share of 21.8%, followed by U.S. with 13% and South Korea with 10.3%, and a share of the top five markets was 57.5% of the total. Guests from South Korea, however, were down 26.3%, and so a share of guests from East Asia dropped from 54.2% to 44.5%.


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