Taiwan is the most popular destination in coming Premium Friday of Japan

DeNA Travel survey on the government’s leading Premium Friday, which will start in February 2017 to encourages workers in Japan to go home after 15:00 on the last Friday, finds that travel was overwhelmingly No.1 what you want to do (70.9%), followed by staying home and relaxing (46.4%), shopping (36%) and dining out (33.6%).

The most popular destination was Taiwan (17.3%), followed by Korea (12.8%), Okinawa (9.8%) and Hokkaido (8.3%). 

The table below shows what you want to do and where you want to go in Premium Friday:


The survey also shows that the ratio of respondents to answer very happy or happy with Premium Friday reached 67.2%, while the ratio of those to answer more spending was 74.4%.

Answers that employers has introduced or will introduce Premium Friday accounted for just 2.2% of the total in the survey conducted in the period from January 11 to 15 2017. 

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