Year-on-year comparison of Japanese travelers to Hawaii, Guam and Okinawa in June 2017

Based on official statistical data for June 2017, the number of Japanese travelers increased by 7.0% for Hawaii (reaching 126,400) and by 7.8% for Okinawa (reaching 537,300), but decreased by 7.7% for Guam (down to 49,000) on a year-on-year basis.

The number of Japanese travelers to Okinawa has been growing every month since April 2016. Hawaii sees a year-on-year growth for every month in 2017 after a 2.5% reduction in December 2016, with a count above 120,000 for June 2017 (first time in four months). Although May and June 2017 see a year-on-year reduction for Guam, the number of Japanese travelers is stable in April.

The table below shows monthly changes in the number of Japanese travelers for the three destinations:


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