30% of Japanese people say that they want to travel abroad in the New Year holidays if they do not consider cost

Expedia conducted an awareness survey on travel during this coming New Year holiday, targeting men and women between the ages of 25 and 55 who travel on vacation at least once every three years. According to the survey results, about 30% of respondents answered that if they were able to travel without considering the cost, they would "like to travel abroad” in the period. Furthermore, when asked whether the weak yen had an impact on their decision to travel or their choice of travel destination, one in three (35%) answered that it had an impact.

Taipei is the most popular overseas destination for New Year's holidays, according to accommodation search data on Expedia and Hotels.com. Next were Honolulu, Seoul, Bangkok, and Taiwan (other than Taipei), with nearby Asian countries occupying the top spots.

Among people who answered, "I want to travel overseas" or "I want to travel both overseas and domestically," if they could travel without considering cost, the tio destination is Hawaii, followed by the mainland United States, Australia, other Oceanian countries including New Zealand, Taiwan and Italy.

When asked whether they were ‘saving money’ or ‘spending money’ when it came to travel expenses, about 90% of respondents said they were ‘saving money’ for transportation cost, and about 60% for accommodation cost. On the other hand, when it comes to "food expenses," about 70% of respondents were on the luxury side.

Regarding the timing of travel reservations, 31% of respondents said they would make reservations less than a month before the departure date, indicating that there were many last-minute reservations. The most common reason given was, `If it's less than a month in advance, you won't know what your or your companion's work schedule is.''

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