30% of Japanese travelers rethink their overseas travels after July next year, further delayed from the previous survey

The Japanese travelers’ awareness survey on overseas travel amid COVID-19, conducted by Diamond Big, a popular travel guidebook ‘Chikyu no Arukikata’ publisher, finds that 30.4% of the total said that they hope to go abroad ‘after July 2021,’ followed by 24.0% for ‘April to June 202’ and 15.3% for ‘January to March 2021.’ 

In the last survey, the most answers were ‘November to December 2020 (25.7%),’ and 40% said after 2021. 

When do you want to go abroad?

Regarding preferred overseas destinations, 42.1% answered that they do not change their planning destinations, while 35.8% said that they will reselect a destination. The ratio of undecided was 19.8%. 

Major reasons for reselecting a destination were ‘I want to visit a friendly destination for foreigners,’ ‘I want to select a destination with trusted precaution protocols’ or ‘I want to choose a destination when overseas travel is allowed.’

With regard to PCR test required for overseas travel, 35.8% answered that they hesitate to travel abroad if a test to acquire a negative certificate is charged. Including 7.5% for not willing to take a test, nearly a half of the total is negative to the PCR test for overseas travel. 

The negative ratio was higher among 20s females (50%) and 30s females (45.7%). 

Responses to PCR test for overseas travel

In addition, the survey focused on Workcation. 40% answered that they have already experienced Workcation or want to experience Workcation, and among 30 to 39 years old males especially, the ratio was high.  

Want to experience Workcation

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