60% of Japanese workers are interested in Workcation, despite several challenges to do it

The survey on Workcation, performed by Nippon Travel Agency (NTA) and partners, finds that more than 60% of Japanese employees are interested in Workcation, combined 23.8% of ‘very much’ and 38.2% of ‘slightly.’ 

For Workcation, they points out several challenges, such as ‘it is possible for vacation to be work (51.5%),’ ‘I don’t know how I can tell the differences between vacation and work (47.1%),’ ‘it is difficult to switch mentality between on-duty and off-duty (44.2%).’

Also, the survey shows that some employees are concerned about  personnel evaluation, communication with colleagues or leaving both vacation and work unfinished.

What are challenges for employees to do Workcation?

As merits of Workcation, they picks ‘improving productivity by getting refreshed (47.3%),’ ‘easier to have a time with family members or a private time (38.9%)’ and ‘easier to do longer-time travel (34.3%).’

Asked about a possibility for your company introduces a Workcation system, 38.2% answered ‘very less likely,’ and 30% ‘less likely’ mainly because of poor labor management and worker compensation systems for Workcation. 

The survey to employers finds that about half of them have already done Workcation: ‘frequently (17.6%)’ and ‘several times (30%).’ Also, half of them are interested in Workcation: ‘very much (20.4%)’ and ‘slightly (30%).’

They recognize ‘right personnel evaluation (71.4%),’ ‘labor management during Workcation (70.5%)’ and ‘working environment (70.5%)’ as challenges.

What are challenges for employers to do Workcation?

The survey to local governments illustrates that about 30% of them expect ‘Workcation by private companies can be a chance to revitalize local economy,’ foreseeing it may develop to settlement in the future. 

Challenges for them contain ‘it is difficult to develop environments for Workcation (63%)’ and ‘it is not clear yet how they can address Workcation (56%).’

What are challenges for local governments to receive Workcation?

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