Airbnb guests in Japan increased by 1.5 times during the Rugby World Cup 2019

Airbnb announced that the number of guests staying Airbnb listings in Japan was up 1.5 times year on year to about 650,000 during the Rugby World Cup 2019 period closing November 2 2019. As far as the host cities are concerned, guests were up 110% to 370,000 in total.

Airbnb carried out ‘Event Minpaku,’ a specially deregulated private accommodation for a big event, in Oita, Kamaishi, Kumamoto, Kobe and Higashi Osaka during the period. With the growth of guests, host revenues were up 108%, according to Airbnb. 

Airbnb welcomed guests from 8,894 cities in 145 countries and regions, and guests from the qualified countries, such as England, Australia, New Zealand, France, Canada and Ireland, notably increased during the event period.

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