Analysis of Japan tour products in Greater China markets shows a mainstream itinerary sold in Taiwan is five nights

The Travel Trend Symposium, hosted by Japan Travel Bureau Foundation (JTBF), announced the survey results of Japan tour products sold for Greater China of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. The travel product trends showed differences of travelers’ needs among the markets, according to the JTBF analysis.

The survey was conducted for 1,502 tour products for Japan (1,046 for Taiwan, 121 for Hong Kong and 335 for China) sold online for departures in March and April 2015 by 11 Japanese travel agents.

The results find that the most popular destination was Tokyo for all of the three markets, but other preferred destinations varied with market.

A mainstream itinerary for tours products sold in Taiwan was five nights in Japan, but four nights in Okinawa. Preferred tour products characteristically covered all of 47 prefectures in Japan, and group travel products visiting theme parks, such as Tokyo Disneyland/Tokyo Disney Sea in Chiba, Universal Studio Japan in Osaka or Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, accounted for about 30% of the total. In addition, theme-oriented products, such as cherry blossom, cycling, climbing, marathon, photo shooting or touring 88 temples in Shikoku, were available.

Top 10 prefectures for tour products sold in Taiwan are as follows:

1. Tokyo (215)

2. Osaka (190)

3. Kyoto (182)

4. Chiba (172)

5. Hokkaido (159)

6. Fukuoka (156)

7. Kanagawa (155)

8. Nagano (150)

9. Yamanashi (142)

10. Kumamoto (140)

A mainstream itinerary for products sold in Hong Kong was four to seven nights in Japan. In the same manner as Taiwan, theme park tours were particularly preferred. The unique tours included experience of the luxury train ‘Nanatsuboshi’ in Kyushu.

Top 10 prefectures for tour products sold in Hong Kong are as follows:

1. Tokyo (33)

2. Osaka (31)

3. Chiba (28)

4. Hyogo (24)

5. Kanagawa (22)

6. Yamanashi, Kyoto, Kumamoto (18)

9. Shizuoka, Miyazaki (17)

In China, itineraries of six to seven nights in Japan were mainstream. One of the product trends was that visiting places were concentrated, like a typical product touring Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka/Kyoto and Mt.Fuji. Also, products touring Hokkaido or Kyushu were popular.

Top 10 prefectures for tour products sold in Hong Kong are as follows:

1. Tokyo (261)

2. Osaka (234)

3. Yamanashi (232)

4. Kyoto (230)

5. Shizuoka (199)

6. Kanagawa (168)

7. Aichi (88)

8. Hokkaido (67)

9. Nara (46)

10. Fukuoka (36)

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