Biometric identification demonstration of for payment or check-in-hotel by international visitors to Japan starts

The biometric identification demonstrations with finger prints or palm for payment or check-in-hotel by international visitors to Japan will start to establish the ‘Omotenashi (hospitality in English) Platform,’ which is promoted by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan.

The platform is expected to work in 2020, which is a target year for the government to achieve 40 million international visitors and 8 trillion JPY spent by them, providing international visitors with a variety of hand-free services, such as payment, check-in-hotel, participation in local experience programs or even baggage delivery service, sharing biometric and personal information of agreed visitors.

For service providers, the cross-organization platform gives them big data including action or purchase histories of international visitors, which may be used for development of new services or marketing.

Demonstrations will be performed in Kanto, Kansai and Kyushu areas. In Kanto area, JTB Corporate Sales will join the program with finger print identification ‘Touch & Pay,’ and Panasonic Group will optimize the palm identification system in Kansai area. JTB will tie up with NTT, JCB or Japan Shopping Tourism Organization for the demonstration in Kyushu area, using Japan Travel Guide app and JCB PREMO pre-paid card.


The Omotenashi Platform linking service providers with local regions, named ‘miQip,’ will be functioned by Vender Relationship Management (VRM) system developed by Dai Nippon Printing (DNP). The platform management will be entrusted to DNP and Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting. With the ‘miQip’ system, DNP has a goal of annual sales of 3 billion JPY in FY2020.

The picture below shows a ‘miQip’ concept:


The pictures below show demonstration of ‘Touch & Pay’ in Kanto area:


The picture below shows demonstration of the palm identification in Kansai area:


The picture below shows demonstration of Japan Travel Guide app in Kyshu area:

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