Comparison of top five Japanese travel agents for travel transactions in May 2016

Japan Tourism Agency reported that travel transactions of 50 major travel agents totaled 429.7 billion JPY (-7.6%) in May 2016, resulting in the first year-on-year reduction since December 2015. The monthly total consisted of 143.2 billion JPY for outbound travel (-10.9%), 18 billion JPY for inbound travel (+15.6%) and 268.5 billion JPY for travel in Japan (-7.0%). The monthly reduction of transactions for travel in Japan happened for the first time since August 2014.

All of the top five travel agents (JTB, H.I.S., Hankyu, KNT-CT and NTA) resulted in double-digit reductions of outbound travel transactions. Only top three companies exceeded transactions of 10 billion JPY a month.


The table below shows top five travel agents (JTB Group, NTA, H.I.S. Group, KNT-CT Group and Tobu-Top Tours)’ inbound travel transactions in the last 12 months.


The table below shows top five travel agents (JTB Group, Rakuten, NTA, ANA Sales and KNT-CT Group)’ travel in Japan transactions in the last 12 months. Only Rakuten succeeded in year-on-year growth, while KNT-CT resulted in year-on-year reductions for three months in a row.


Transactions of package tour brand products totaled 116.2 billion JPY in May 2016 (-13.2%) with 2,750,595 customers in total (-12.6%). The total comprised 42.6 billion JPY (-13.4%) with 210,402 customers (-8.2%) for outbound travel, 716 million JPY (+10.9%) with 47,586 customers (+24.2%) for inbound travel and 72.9 billion JPY (-13.3%) with 2,492,607 customers (-13.4%) for travel in Japan.

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