Domestic tourism campaign of Japan will be extended nationwide in early July, subsidizing more financial supports

The Japanese government decided to extend the government’s leading domestic tourism campaign from within the six designated regional blocks currently to the whole nation in early July 2022 except the busiest summer holiday week. 

The campaign discounts travel expenses a night a traveler by 40%, supporting up to 8,000 JPY a night for travels using public transportation and up to 5,000 JPY a night for other travels. In addition, shopping coupons of 3,000 JPY a traveler for weekdays and 1,000 JPY a traveler for weekend will be provided to decentralize travelers from busy weekend. 

Depending on infection conditions, a prefecture not joining in the campaign can withdraw from the campaign as a destination.

The current campaign for the designated regional blocks will be extended by July 14 2022 with a financial support of up to 5,000 JPY a night a traveler and a shopping coupon of 2,000 JPY a night a traveler. 

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