Foreign visitors to Tokyo reached record-high 8.8 million and spent 785 billion JPY in 2014

Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that foreign visitors to Tokyo increased by 30.3% year on year to record-high 8,874,000 in 2014, primarily boosted by weak yen and ease of visa rules for travelers from Southeast Asia. Overnight visitors were up 31.4% to 6,635,000, and day-trippers also up 27% to 2,239,000. Travel spending in Tokyo by foreign visitors increased by 35.1% to 785.4 billion JPY.

Japanese visitors to Tokyo slightly increased by 0.1% to record-high 506.2 million, out of which visitors from other prefectures increased by 1.6% to 244.7 million. Travel spending amounted to 4,765.5 billion JPY.

In total, visitors to Tokyo reached record-high 515 million (+0.5%), and travel spending amounted to record-high 5,551 billion yen (+5.8%).

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