Guest nights of international visitors in Japan reduced in November 2016, despite an increase in visitors

Japan Tourism Agency announced guest night statistics in Japan in November 2016 (the secondary report) and in December 2016 (the first report). Guest nights reduced by 3.8% year on year to 39.9 million in total in November 2016.

The total consisted of 34.8 million guest nights by Japanese travelers (-3.7%) and 51.2 million guest nights by international visitors (-4.0%). Year-on-year reductions of guest nights of international visitors in hotels, ryokans or temporary lodging facilities continued for the last several months, although the number of visitors was up 13.8% to 1,875,000 in November 2016.

The occupancy rates were 61.5%. Sixteen city hotels, thirteen budget hotels and four resort hotels nationwide resulted in 80% or higher. The occupancy rate in Osaka was still high with 94.7% for resort hotels, 89.6% for city hotels and 85.8% for budget hotels. Kyoto had the highest rates of 91.5% for city hotels and 89.0% for budget hotels. 

For guest nights of international visitors, the monthly reduction rate in local regions was 6.8%, much higher than 2.3% in three major city areas. In Kyushu, the reduction rate was 3.5%, lower than the national average. 

In December 2016 (the first report), guest nights totaled 41 million, 2.5% more than a year earlier, which consisted of 35 million by Japanese travelers (+2.0%) and 59.3 million by international visitors (+5.3%).


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