Haneda Airport decides 17 robots for airport operation demonstrations including cleaning, mobility support or guidance

Haneda Robotics Lab of Japan Airport Terminal, managing Haneda Airport Terminals, has selected 17 kinds of robots to seek new airport operation. In the limited period from December 15 2016 to February 13 2017, the robots, which have been selected based on safety and convenience, will work for a variety of missions with human workers in the Second Airport Terminal.

The selected robots are as follows:

<Cleaning robot>

F.ROBOCLEAN (Figla) = automatic cleaning robot

ROBO Cleaper (Nakanishi Metal Works) = automatic floor cleaning robot

SE-500iX (Amano) = automatic floor cleaning robot

Windowmate(NGP-FOTEC)= automatic window cleaning robot

<Mobility support robot>

CarriRo(ZMP)= distribution support robot

INOMOTION R1EX (A.M.Y. Creative) = self-propelled personal mobility system

TUG (Takumi) = automatic transport robot

UNI-CUBβ (Honda) = personal mobility system

WHILL NEXT(WILL)= automatic mobility system

<Guidance robot>

Airport Concierge CAIBA(INDY ASSOCIATES) = remote-controlled robot to guide a user to a destination

Double2(BRULE) = remote-controlled tele-presence robot

EMIEW3 (Hitachi) = humanoid for customer and guidance service

MINARAI(Nextremer) = AI-based dialogue robot

Pepper(Softbank Robotics) = interactive robot

SQ-1H(SEQSENSE) = AI-based security robot

Reborg-X(ALSOK) = automatic driving security and guidance robot

RoboHoN (Sharp) = mobile robot telephone

The cleaning robot demonstration already finished on December 22 2016. The mobility support robot and guidance robot demonstrations will be performed from January 10 to 23 and from January 24 to February 13 respectively. After the demonstrations, Haneda Robotics Lab will evaluate productivity and introduce airport robots practically by the end of 2019 before the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020.

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