High Market Penetration in Kansai and to the Younger Age Groups, also Resulted in More Travel Opportunities- Domestic LCC Survey (1)

According to a “Domestic LCC User Attitude and Behavior Survey” released by Japan Tourism Marketing Co., 35.0% have traveled on airlines since 2012 and 11.5% of these have used domestic LCCs. Looking at these users by gender and age groups, younger groups used LCCs more- 18 to 29 year old males 21.9% and females 16.6%, but older groups used LCCs least- over 60 years old males6.0% and females 6.2%.

By the resident areas, Kansai uses 18.8% topped Kanto users 8.3% by over 10%, and this 10% difference appeared in all age groups. Looking at the fraction s of users by the airlines used, while Jetstar Japan (JW) (Kanto: 5.5%, Kansai: 7.9%) and AirAsia Japan (JW) ((Kanto: 3.1%, Kansai: 1.7%) retain single digit share, Peach Aviation (MM) takes up 14.5% in Kansai (Kanto: 2.9%) revealing high market penetration in Kansai.

For the effect caused by the launch of domestic LCCs, the most chosen answer, with 46.5%, was that “the launch of domestic LCCs motivated in taking domestic trips.” 18 to 29 year old group topped this answer followed by 30’s and 40’s, showing that the launch of LCCs influenced younger groups more to go on trips. Also, on changes of attitude and behavior toward traveling, answers such as “low cost travel became possible,” “going on trips became more casual” and “airlines became more accessible” were mentioned, revealing that a sense of affinity toward air travel being fostered and LCCs being acknowledged as an option for means of travel.

For future use, 55.9% “consider using LCCs” between this summer to winter, with notable interest from 40 to 49 year old (60.5%) and 18 to 29 year old (59.9%) groups. Looking it by specific periods, 59.6% chose  “summer” with more interest among 20’s and 30’s, 33.3% chose “fall” with almost 60% of these being over 60 years old and 24.5% for “winter” with about equal answers from all age groups.

The survey was directed to Kanto and Kansai residents of over 18 years old. A screening survey collected 43,918 valid responses. The main survey was conducted during June 28 to July 3, 2013, directed to 949 users who used domestic LCC flights since March 2012.

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