International Rugby World Cup spectators spent 2.4 times more money in Japan than ordinary travelers

The Japan Tourism Agency’s survey on consumption trend during the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan finds that the average spending an international spectator was 385,000 JPY, 2.4 times more than 159,000 JPY an ordinary traveler. By country, the top was France at 476,000 JPY a spectator, followed by Australia at 408,000 JPY and U.K. at 386,000 JPY.

An international spectator spent 59,000 JPY on average for the Rugby World Cup matches, 132,000 JPY on average for accommodation and 92,000 JPY on average for eating and drinking, all of which were more money than an ordinary traveler did. Regarding accommodation, a spectator spent 9,500 JPY a night more than an ordinary traveler did. 


The statistics shows that the Rugby World Cup was a great opportunity for other cities than the host cities to increase international travelers. Kyoto City Tourism Association said that the city saw a 188.7% growth of visitors from New Zealand and a 92.7% growth of visitors from U.K., which were the biggest year-on-year growths ever, in terms of guest nights in September and October 2019.

In the meantime, NAVITIME JAPAN announced the GPS-based analysis results of movements of international spectators who hanged around International Stadium Yokohama for the final match on November 2 2019. The analysis finds that many of them stayed in the center of Tokyo, such as Shinjyuku, Roppongi or Ginza, and departed from their hotels around 9:00 a.m. The peak hour to enter the Stadium was around 16:00, 2 hours before kick-off, but the peak hour to gather around Shin-Yokohama Station was 14:00 to 15:00, about 4 hours before kick-off. 

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