Isetan department store is the most popular shopping place among Chinese travelers for a reason of its language service

The latest report on Chinese traveler shopping trend, released by Planet providing distribution information in Japan, finds that the most popular shopping place is Isetan department store with a share of 52.7%, followed by Mitsukoshi department store (44.0%) and Matsumoto Kiyoshi pharmacy (42.9%). LaOX duty-free shop, one of the major home electrics distributor of China, ranked 8th with a share of 18.1%.

Major reasons for the popularity are ‘guidance or notation in Chinese are available (46.7%)’ and ‘Chinese staff or Chinese-speaking staff are available (41.2%).’

The most satisfied product to buy is Japanese markers’ make-up cosmetics (93.0%), followed by basic cosmetics (90.5%) and cold medication (89.0%). Many Chinese visitors want to continue using made-in-Japan medical products, such as painkiller or antipyretic (99.2%) or cold medication (97.4%), according to the report.

The report also indicates that Chinese language is required mainly for brand name (51.0%), product explanation (43.9%) and product name (43.3%). The survey on convenient tools for shopping shows that the top is tools for smart phone including QR code or AR (56.7%), followed by service for payment by Chinese currency (43.6%), translation board (41.9%) and Chinese-speaking staff (41.4%).

The survey was conducted online in China in the period April 26 to 30 2015 to 355 Chinese who experienced travel in Japan in the last six months.

Top ten must-to-go shops in traveling in Japan:

1. Isetan 52.7%

2. Mitsukoshi 44.0%

3. Matsumoto Kiyoshi 42.9%

4. Don Quijote 39.0%

5. Airport duty-free shop 31.3%

6. Ito Yokado 27.5%

7. Aeon 26.9%

8. LaOX 18.1%

9. Seven-Eleven 16.5%

10. Bic Camera 9.3%

Top ten satisfied products to buy:

1. Japanese makers’ make-up cosmetics 93.0%

2. Japanese makers’ basic cosmetics 90.5%

3. Cold medicine 89.0%

4. Foreign markers’ make-up cosmetics 88.5%

5. Baby supplies and foods 85.6%

6. Mouth care products 82.6%

7. Painkiller and antipyretic 82.3%

8. Eye care products 81.5%

9. Eye-drop 81.4%

10. Gastrointestinal medicine 81.3%

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