Japan is selected as top 3 ‘next destination’ in 11 APAC markets, and 85% want to spend more money for local experiences

The awareness survey on travel in 12 APAC markets, conducted by Klook, an experience booking platform, finds that Japan is selected as top 3 ‘next destination’ in all of the targeted markets except India, Japan is No.1 next destination in Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong and South Korea.

In contrast, 84% of Japanese respondents select Japan as the next destination, followed by South Korea and Singapore. 


One-third of all respondents answer that they have a budget of $2000 for the next travel, which are more than double of the average salary of $1069 a month in Asia. In Japan, more than half said less than $1000, which are the lowest among 12 markets, because most of them still tend to choose domestic travels. 

The high spending willingness is found in China with 60% with a budget of more than $3000 and nearly 20% with a budget of more than $5000. 

85% of all respondents answer that they want to spend money for experiences. By market, the ratios are high in Vietnam (71%), India (60%), Thailand (59%) and Philippines (52%), while low rations are found in Japan (22%) and South Korea (22%). 


By experience type, nature and outdoor (57%) is the most preferred experience, followed by amusement park (48%) and cultural experience (48%). 

In the meantime, 93% says that the most influential tool for travel among Generation Z is SNS, and Instagram (72%) is the most preferred SNS as a tool for travel planning, followed by Facebook (67%) and TikTok (55%). In Japan, SNS is not so influential compared to other markets, and X (former Twitter) is preferred. 

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