Japan is the most-searched destination in APAC for this summer on Google Flight

Google unveiled top 10 most-searched destinations in between January 23 and March 23 2023 for departures from June to August 2023. 

Among top 10 destinations departing from Japan, five cities including Japan in APAC were ranked, and the most-searched destination was Seoul, followed by Bangkok and Okinawa. 

The most-searched destination departing from APAC was Japan, followed by Thailand, U.S. and U.K.

Top 10 destinations departing from Japan are as followed

1 Seoul

2 Bangkok

3 Okinawa

4 Paris

5 Manila

6 Los Angeles

7 London

8 Honolulu

9 Taipei

10 Sapporo

Top 10 destinations departing from APAC are as followed

1 Japan

2 Thailand

3 U.S.

4 U.K.

5 South Korea

6 Indonesia

7 Australia

8 Taiwan

9 France 

10 Singapore

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