Japan is the most-preferred destination to travel for Hong Kong travelers

Japan Brand Survey 2019, conducted by ‘Team Cool Japan’ of Dentsu, finds that Japan is the most willing -to-visit destination, selected by 40% of all respondents in all 20 target countries and regions, followed by U.S., Australia, France, U.K., Canada and Spain selected by more than 30% of all respondents. 

Overall, 77.4% of the total answer ‘planning to visit Japan within the next year’ or ‘willing to visit Japan someday in the future,’ and the ratio is up 1.4 points compared to a year ago. 

By country or region, the highest ratio in terms of willing-to-visit Japan is found in Hong Kong with 98.3%, followed by Indonesia with 95.3%, Philippines with 93.3%, Vietnam with 92.3% and Taiwan with 91.0%. 

The large growths are found in Europe: 10 points in Italy, 7.7 points in Germany, 5.4 points in France, 4.3 points in U.K. or 5.3 points in Russia.


Major hurdles to visit Japan are ‘higher travel expenses (47.7%)’ ‘language barrier (31.5%)’ or ‘too far or long travel time (28.7%.’  The answers are different in East Asia, and the top is ‘concerned about aftermaths of the Great East Japan Earthquake including the nuclear disaster in Fukushima (36.8%,’ followed by ‘concerned about natural disasters (33.5%).’

Meanwhile, 49.5% know that OSAKA EXPO will take place in 2025, and 40.3% answer that they are willing to go and see the EXPO. 

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