83% of Japanese users do online shopping; 60% do so at least once a month

Nielsen Digital’s survey found that Japanese online shopping users account for 83% of all Internet users, 60% of which purchase something at least once a month.

Comparing the purchase frequency of goods between "real" shops and online shops: 55% said that they purchase consumer goods at a real shop more frequently than at an online shop but 31% said they shop more often online than at real shops. For durable goods, the numbers are 36% for real shops and 46% for online shops.

The graph below shows the online shopping ratio and usage frequency:


The graph below shows the purchase frequency by goods at real shops and online shops:


The top reason for using online shopping is "cheaper than at a real shop" for consumer goods and durable goods taken together. For online purchases of consumer goods, the top reason is "no need to bring heavy goods home," followed in order by "getting loyalty points," "well-known goods" and "purchasing goods unavailable at real shops". For durable goods, the top reason is "getting loyalty points," followed in order by "wider variety of goods than at real shops," "purchasing what I want as soon as I need it" and "easily finding what I want".

The survey also revealed that the biggest concern for online shoppers is the shipping cost. The most emphasized points (70% of replies) were "shipping is free for purchases exceeding a specified amount" and "shipping is free for slow deliveries". Also, 50% of online shoppers pay attention to the "simultaneous delivery of multiple goods".

Based on the results of this survey, Nielsen Digital suggests that shops or makers should try to grasp the different purchase tendencies by goods even though general consumers have already adopted online shopping. In addition, they should consider services to meet consumers’ needs for the delivery of purchased goods, including free shipping and package delivery.

The survey is based on Nielsen Online Shopping Report 2017 conducted in June 2017, targeting about 6,500 men and women at least 18 years old using Internet at least once a month on a PC, smart phone or tablet.

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