Japanese overnight travel performance rate was the lowest ever of 53.6% in 2019, the jalan.net survey revealed

The Recruit Lifestyle’s survey finds that Japanese overnight travel performance rate on its travel booking site jalan.net dropped to the lowest ever of 53.6% in FY2019 (April 2019 to March 2020) from 56.4% a year earlier, affected by a large decrease in travel performances in March 2020 due to COVID-19. 

The average number of travel a traveler was 2.7 times a year, and the average nights were 1.8 a traveler. The total number of overnight travelers was down 8.1% to 135.8 million, and the total number of guest nights was also down 7.7% to 244 million.

The travel performance rates were down in all age segments except 35 to 49 years old males. The highest rate was found in 20 to 34 years old females with 61.4% (down 2.9 points)  as has happened in the past.

Overnight travels by month

Performed travels were up 1.4% in the first half of FY2019, while those are down 15.5% in the second half largely affected by a 57% decrease in March 2020, when large reductions were particularly seen among 35 years olde or older females and 65 years old or older males, and demands in travels with family members or friends or group travel considerably declined. 

Overnight travel expenses amounted to 8,122 billion JPY in total, 6.1% less than a year earlier, out of which individual travels accounted for 86.7% (7,045 billion JPY). and the average expenses a travel a traveler was 59,800 JPY, 1,300 JPY more than a year earlier, : 57,400 JPY an individual traveler and 81,800 JPY a package tour traveler. 

Spending on overnight travel

With regard to travel companion, the largest share was found in ‘married couples’ with 25.2% as usual, followed by ‘travel alone’ with 18.6%, particularly about 30% among 20 to 34 years old males. 

By prefecture, Tokyo received the most overnight travelers (14.5 million), followed by Hokkaido (10.9 million), Osaka (7.4 million), Shizuoka (6.7 million) and Nagano (6.3 million). The highest growth rate was found in Fukui (+13.6%), followed by Miyazaki (+10.1%) and Fukuoka (+3.9%).

The 16th survey focused on leisure travel only, targeting 15,724 20 to 79 years old males and females nationwide in April 2020.  

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