Japanese traffic information provider Hyojito launches a duty-free search website for foreign visitors to Japan

Hyojito, a Japanese traffic information provider, opened on August 1 2015 TaxFreeShops.jp, which provides foreign visitors to Japan with duty-free shop information nationwide in Japan. Duty-free shops listed on the website reached 12,000 as of the opening day.

The website offers the GPS function, which helps a user search the nearest duty-free shops, and the CATEGORY function, which helps a user search duty-free shops by item, such as department store, fashion, pharmacy or home electronics. Also, it is possible to search duty-free shops by designating a destination area, a tourist base or a station. Another feature is easy access to RECOMMEND that include recommended information in popular destinations, such as Kyoto, Ginza or Hiroshima.

For user convenience, the website offers a variety of useful information, such as Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)’s tourist information offices, ATM for foreign currencies or Free Wi-Fi app. English, Chinese (simple and traditional) and Korean are available at this moment.

In Japanese

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