Japanese visitors to online retail shops were up 19% in Q1 of 2021, but the conversion rate was down 16%

Adobe reported digital economy trends in Japan market, using ‘Adobe Digital Economy Index’ calculated by ‘Adobe Analytics.’ The report says that online consumption in Japan was up 15% year on year to about $5 billion (about 540 billion JPY) in Q1 of 2021, lower than a 39% increase in US or a 66% increase in UK.

67% of Japanese consumers answered that they used to use online shopping frequently or regularly even before the pandemic or March 2020. Out of all non-online shoppers last year, 80% bought something online this year. 

Japanese visitors to online retail shops were up 19%, and a total of order amount was also up 15%. The conversion rate, however, was down 16%, and the average time to stay in a shop and page views a visit have been declining in the last three years. 

By device, sales on smart phone was up 61% in Japan, the highest ratio among five target countries. The ratios were particularly high at 65% among Millennium Generation and at 48% among Generation X. 


In the meanwhile, the ratio of Japanese consumers who avoided visiting a real shop was 35%, higher than 23% in US or 26% in  UK, maybe because of slower vaccination than others. 

Interestingly, more than half of Japanese consumers (52%) answered that they will not change their online shopping behaviors even after the pandemic. 


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