JTB develops new tour routes in Hokkaido and Tohoku for inbound travelers, incorporating adventure travel contents

JTB Global Marketing & Travel has started marketing two new tour routes of ‘Hokkaido AdveNature Route’ and ‘Northern Japan Discovery Route’ in Tohoku in SUNRISE TOURS for inbound travelers. 

Holding a concept of ‘Adventure nature in Hokkaido!,’ Hokkaido AdveNature Route offers three tours traveling Asahikawa, Biei, Shiretoko, Akan and Kushiro to experience nature, cultures and activities. 

‘Northern Japan Discovery Route’ is a route from Sendai northward to Hiraizumi, Morioka, Kakunodate, Aomori and Hirosaki with a concept of ‘Touring cultures and craftsmanship in Tohoku,’ focusing on traditional intangible cultural treasures. 

In addition to the new routes in Hokkaido and Tohoku, SUNRISE TOURS has developed ‘Rainbow Route’ touring Tokyo, Kanazawa and Kyoto, ‘Setouchi Scenic View Route’ and ‘Kyushu Authentic Route.’


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