Nintendo theme area will open in Universal Studio Japan before Tokyo Olympics

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, a Nintendo theme area, will open in Universal Studio Japan (USJ) in Osaka before Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. Investment to the theme area is expected to reach 50 billion JPY or more.

SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, featuring world famous Super Mario and more Nintendo game characters, will open for the first time in the world, ahead of Universal Studio Hollywood.

To develop state-of-the-art ride attractions, an interactive area, shops and restaurants, a creative team, led by Nintendo creative fellow Shigeru Miyamoato, will be formed.

Kansai University has calculated that SUPER NINTENDO WORLD may generate an economic impact of about 11,700 billion JPY nationwide or about 6,200 billion JPY in Kinki area for a decade. Job creation is expected to reach about 1.08 million.

The movie below shows the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD’s vision:

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