Online shopping spending on travel declined by 65% in Japan in March 2020 because of downturn on travel spending

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications reported that online shopping spending was down 4.6% year on year to 13,412 JPY a person on average in March 2020, although the ratio of online shopping households rose to 43.8% from 42.5% a year ago.

The reduction primarily resulted from a 65.4% decrease in spending on travel and a 68.2% decrease in spending on tickets.


Spending a household (a family with two or more persons) was down 6.0% to 292,124 JPY, resulting in year-on-year reductions for six months in a row. 

Online shopping spending on entertainment and eduction was down 20.6% to 24,996 JPY a household with negative contribution indexes of domestic package travel (-0.81) and lodging (-0.37). 

Spending on transportation and communication was down 0.7% to 47,231 JPY a household with negative contribution indexes of railway (-0.51) and aviation (-0.21). 

Meanwhile, actual income of a worker’s household increased by 1.5% to 490,589 JPY, marking year-on-year increases for three months in a row. 

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