Popularity of movie communication app SNOW skyrockets in Japan

The latest Nielsen Mobile NetView finds that the most popular communication app in Japan was still LINE with 48 million users in January 2017, 8% more than the previous survey in July 2016, followed by Twitter with 24 million users and Facebook with 21 million users. The highest growth rate was found in movie communication app SNOW with 27% up to 4.1 million users.

The table below shows users of major communication apps in January 2017:


The survey also finds that users of LINE and Facebook were equally discovered in every male and female generation. SNOW was dominantly preferred by 34 years old or younger females, and the trend was similar to a share of 49% for Instagram by 34 years old or younger females in January 2015, according to Nielsen.

The table below shows demographics of communication apps users in January 2017:


In Japanese

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