Recruit Lifestyle survey shows Japanese male travelers alone in Japan continue increasing

Jalan overnight travel survey 2016, conducted by Recruit Lifestyle, the ratio of Japanese travelers in Japan in FY2015 (April 2015 to March 2016) was 56.4%, 0.5 lower points than a year earlier. The average travel frequency a year was 2.86 times, 0.07 more times than a year earlier. Also, the total number of overnight travelers was up 1.3% to 153.1 million travelers, and guest nights totaled 15.06 million, 5.9% more than a year earlier.

Travel spending estimation was also up 4.4% to record-high 7,789 billion JPY in total, marking year-on-year growths for four years in a row. Expenses an overnight travel amounted to 58,000 JPY on average, 1,600 JPY more than a year earlier, and in particular, expenses on accommodation and transportation were up 1,000 JPY to 33,800 JPY. The FIT ratio rose to 89.5%, which was the highest since FY2011.

Regarding travel companion, the highest ratio was found in married couple (25.3%), followed by traveling alone (17.5%). The ratio of traveling alone was up 1.6% year on year and has risen for 11 years in a row since the survey began. The ratios this year were 28.8% among 20 to 34 years old males, 24.8% among 35 to 49 years old males and 19.2% among 50 to 79 years old males.

A major reason for choosing traveling alone was “feel free to travel’ with the ratio of 67%. Other reasons included “good for deepening personal interests (34.3%)” and “no companion (20.1%).”

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