The awareness rate of NFT in Japan is 30% with higher popularity in entertainment categories

The latest research on NFT (Non-Fungible Token), conducted by Mobile Marketing Data Labo, finds that 30% of all respondents in Japan knew what NFT is. Only 3.2% own NFT, led by 20s males (9.0%) and 30s males (7.7%). Among females, 20s had the highest ratio with 3.6%. 

The research firstly targeted 15 to 69 years old males and females who have digital devices and secondly 95 who have owned NFT before. 

Among NFT owners, the most popular category was ‘sports’ with 41.2%, followed by ‘animation or manga’ with 39.2% and ‘music or entertainment’ with 34%. The major reasons for owning NFT were ‘to join games’ with 26.4%, ‘hot topic’ with 24.6% and ‘to own favorite artists’ or creators’ items’ with 24.6%. 

Among non NFT owners, the most popular item was ‘animation or manga’ with 38.2%, followed by ‘digital art’ with 33.5% and ‘music or entertainment’ with 24.3%. The highest reason fir owing NFT was ‘for long-term investment’ with 31.7%.

Regarding purchase cost (the amount spent on purchase without considering the gain on sale), the majority was 50,000 JPY or less with 32.6%, followed by 50,000 JPY to 100,000 JPY with 18.9% and 100,000 JPY to 200,000 JPY with 16.8%. 


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