The most Japanese ski resorts for the last decade went bankrupt in 2023 due to shortage of snow

Teikoku Databank reported that bankruptcies of ski resorts in Japan increased from three in 2022 to seven in 2023, which were the most bankruptcies in the last decade. Teikoku Databank said that more ski resorts have recently been forced to close their businesses, shorten open days or limit operational areas due to unprecedented warm winter and shortage of snow.

Out of about 300 ski resorts nationwide that opened in December 2023, more than half were originally scheduled to continue their businesses by March 2024, but many of them are forced to be closed earlier due to shortage of snow. 

In the meantime, several ski reports in Hokkaido are still popular among inbound travelers, and major resorts have invested to snow-making machines. Teikoku Databank, however, analyzed that more ski resorts, particularly small or middle-sized resorts, will probably be forced to be closed or give up their businesses, depending on snowfall.


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