The most popular tourist places in Tokyo are Ginza for Chinese and Shibuya for Thai

The awareness survey on Tokyo for Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai travelers, conducted by NTT Communications Online Marketing Solution, finds that the most popular place overall was Shinjuku with the visiting rate of 65%, followed by Ginza (56%) and Shibuya (54.1%). The trend, however, varies with nationality, as the most popular places were Ginza for Chinese (76.3%), Shinjuku for Taiwanese (73%) and Shibuya for Thai (68.7%).

Interestingly, the visiting rate of Ginza by Chinese was much higher than Shinjuku (61.6%) and Shibuya (46.3%).

About Shibuya, almost half of Thai and Taiwanese answered that they feel the latest trends, while the answer by Chinese accounted for just 25%. About Shinjuku, all of Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai generally had impressions of convenience and bustling, and for Chinese especially safety (45.3%) and cleanness (44.4%) were highly ranked as impressions.

The table below shows impressions about Shibuya:


The table below shows impressions about Shinjuku:


The most impressive place for Chinese was Ginza overall, and Akihabara was selected by 20’s and 30’s. Among Taiwanese, Asakusa and Sensoji were selected by all generations as the top impressive place.

The survey was conducted from June 28 to 30 2016 to 629 Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai travelers to Japan for leisure in the last year.

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