The most-satisfied prefecture for tourism among Japanese travelers is Oita, and No.1 is Okinawa in hospitality and Ishikawa in local foods

Jalan Research Center revealed results of the19th domestic travel satisfaction survey in 2023, which targeted 15,572 overnight travelers nationwide. The most-satisfied prefecture was Oita, higher than 10th last year, as it was valued in a variety of city tourism contents in addition to onsen.

Top 10 prefectures in overall satisfaction are as follows:

1 Oita

2 Kagoshima

3 Hokkaido

4 Iwate

5 Kyoto

6 Nagano

7 Ishikawa

8 Nagasaki

9 Okinawa

10 Mie

The top prefecture in local foods was Ishikawa, which was highly valued in ‘Kanazawa Oden’ or ‘Noto Beef’ in addition to traditional seafoods. The prefectures with well-known noodles, such as Kagawa for Udon, Fukuoka for Ramen or Iwate for Reimen, were ranked higher.

1 Ishikawa

2 Hokkaido

3 Toyama

4 Miyagi

5 Kagawa

6 Fukuoka

7 Yamagata

8 Kochi

9 Hiroshima

10 Iwate

In the attractive accommodation category, Oita won 1st for two years in a row, totaling 12 times 1st. 

1 Oita

2 Okinawa

3 Gunma

4 Hokkaido

5 Kyoto

6 Wakayama

7 Yamagata

8 Shizuoka

9 Kanagawa

10 Ishikawa

Okinawa won 1st for 18 consecutive years in the local hospitality category. the survey found a lot of answers that they had impressive local communication.

1 Okinawa

2 Kagoshima

3 Hokkaido

4 Toyama

5 Akita

6 Oita

7 Gunma

8 Yamagata

9 Iwate

10 Fukushima

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